Sunday, June 15, 2014

Video games and marriage.

My wife and I love playing video games together. My valentine cards usually reflect the games we're currently enjoying. Here's a few samples.


Here's some commissions and cards I've done for friends and family.

Calendar 2014

Every year I make a Calendar for my Wife and this year's theme was traveling through time.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Doctor Who

So my latest obsession is Doctor Who. I've watched the Classic Doctor Who on Netflix (what little of it they have anyway) and my wife and I are currently up to Series Six in the reboot. Well I usually want to draw out my obsessions, so what do you draw when you're obsessed with Doctor Who? The Doctor! of course and I did. Choosing to go throughout the years and do all his regenerations. (That I know of)
The First Doctor
He wasn't my first taste of The Doctor, but I credit him with my falling in love with the series.

The Second Doctor
This guy gets better every time I see him. Netflix only has one story of his, but I've seen him return in the Three and Five Doctors Stories. He so fun and quirky, he's not my favorite but he grows on you with every appearance. 

The Third Doctor
He's dapper and serious, one of my favorite Doctors. I loved the way the enemies always thought he was too old to handle himself and he kicked them to the curb every time.

The Fourth Doctor
Yep, here he is. The top of the heap. I didn't like him at first, thinking the third Doctor better, but after awhile you can't help but love this guy. Then he breaks out in a clear lead, none of the other Doctors have come close to him for me. He also has the most striking visual clothing detail of any doctor without it being too overpowering.

The Fifth Doctor
After The Fourth Doctor it was hard to like anyone else, and I really didn't like the Fifth Doctor until watching the Five Doctors special. The stories he's in on Netflix he's too harsh on his companions and seemed upset or put out constantly. But I have found he may be better in the stories I haven't seen.

The Sixth Doctor
He's the only Doctor I haven't seen anything of. Netflix doesn't have any of his stories and the library doesn't have any of his DVDs. So he will remain a mystery for me, him and his outlandish coat and pants. It's obvious the production team was trying too hard to recreate the happy accident of the fourth Doctor's scarf. I don't mind the Fifth Doctor's outfit, it's highlights and the celery stalk are a bit over the top but okay. The Sixth Doctor's outfit affronts the eyes and just makes you shake your head.

The Seventh Doctor
I've only seen the Sea Vampire maidens story with The Seventh Doctor, but I rather liked his and Ace's dynamic. I would like to see more of that.

The Eighth Doctor
Netflix didn't have any of this Doctor's stories, and since they left out the sixth Doctor's stories too, I thought he might have had several Series leading us through the Time War spoken of in the Reboot. So I looked him up only to discover that the Classic Show ended in '89 with the Seventh Doctor and They attempted to revive it in '96 with a TV movie (and backdoor pilot). Finding that out I rented the movie from the library and saw why this version of the show didn't take off. Not to be too lengthy here I'll just say I blame the supporting cast and not the Eighth Doctor, who was fine even if he spent most of his time not knowing who he was. (and so you don't ask: Yes I now know the Time War was invented in the reboot)

The Ninth Doctor
So I originally attempted to watch the reboot before the classic series and ending up not liking it then. I had this idea that Doctor Who was lanky with big hair and The Ninth Doctor didn't fit that vision. Having watched the reboot (or most of it) after seeing the Classic Series (What's available on Netflix anyway) I find I really like the Ninth Doctor, He had a great smile and thirst for adventure that embodies The Doctor. For many of my friends he's their first Doctor. In fact I confused my wife for the longest time by calling him the Ninth Doctor, because she thought of him as the first.

The Tenth Doctor
I'm almost sure he's my favorite Doctor of the reboot. (I haven't seen all of the Eleventh Doctor yet so jury's still out) My favorite thing was how intense he could get while still holding on to that Doctor care free attitude. Plus when he said he was what monster's were afraid of you knew it was the truth.

The Eleventh Doctor
I'm loving this doctor, his companions and stories are some of the best in the reboot. He has great comedic moments and some seriously heavy ones too. And my friends: "I wear a bow tie. Bow ties are cool." Love it.

The Twelfth Doctor
I almost didn't include him as I've not seen anything with him yet, but I like his style so hopefully I'll like his personality too. (which how could I not he's The Doctor)

And the line up leading to the Tardis which is just as essential to the show as The Doctor is.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

V Day on the web

So for Valentine's day I gave my wife a card with this on it:

and on the inside said: "but I will anyway."
And then I tweeted her this:

and posted this on her facebook:

And there you have it.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A year at the movies, starring us.

I made my Wife a Calendar for Christmas this year. I made each month a parody of a movie poster of our favorite movies, with us, and our friends and family, as the main characters.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where they haven't gone before.

Drew this for a my friends' wedding present. It's them as Star Trek characters. (and their mirror universe duplicates)